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Seminars in October 2017

Friday, October 20 - Sophie Crevecoeur and Trista Vick-Majors, postdoctoral fellows

"Bacterial community assembly across a steep environmental gradient in a small water continuum" and

"Functional perspectives on community assembly along a boreal aquatic continuum"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, October 27 - Ryan Hutchins, doctoral student

title to come

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15


Seminars in April 2017

Friday, April 21 - Masters Students' Symposium 9h30-12h00

"Influence of macrophytes on the methane budget of a boreal lake"

Karelle Desrosiers

UQAM, PK-2205, 9h30

"Chemical enhancement of CO2 in eutrophic lakes of Quebec" (en français)

Ji-Hyeon Kim

UQAM, PK-2205, 9h50

Thursday, April 27 - Carla Mahé, undergraduate student, presents her independent projet

«Impacts des macrophytes submergés (Potamogeton amplifolius et Myriophyllum spicatum) sur l'émission de méthane, dans le lac Simoncouche»

UQAM, SB-R440, 14h30

Seminars in March 2017

Wednesday, March 15 - François Guillemette, professor at UQTR

"Old before its time: the use of ancient carbon in contemporary trophic networks" (in French)

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15


Seminars in February 2017

Friday, February 3 - Peter Douglas, professor at McGill University

"Clumped isotope measurements as a new tracer of methane sources and sinks"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, February 17 - Shoji Thottathil, doctoral student

"The extent and regulation of methane oxidation in boreal lakes"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Seminars in January 2017

Friday, January 27 - Daniel Nadeau, professor at the Université Laval

"Water and methane exchanges between an ombrotrophic peat bog and the atmosphere in the James Bay region of Quebec" (en français)

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Monday, January 30 - Tonya Del Sontro, postdoctoral fellow

"Addressing the uncertainties in methane emissions from natural and impounded waters"

U de M, D-201, Pavillon Marie-Victorin, 12h, or live webcast

Seminars in December 2016

Friday, December 2 - Alain Tremblay, Advisor-Environment-Aquatic systems, Hydro-Québec Production

"Water at stake for Hydro-Québec and net evaporation at Eastmain-1" (in French)

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, December 9 - Patricia Pernica, postdoctoral fellow

"Application of physical limnology within boreal aquatic ecosystems"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15



Seminars in November 2016

Friday, November 11 - Marie Gérardin, master's student

"Sources fueling stream CO2 and CH4 emissions along a boreal fluvial network" (in French)

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15


Friday, November 18 - Karelle Desrosiers, master's student

"Influence of macrophytes on methane budget of boreal lakes : preliminary results" (in French)

Martin Demers, master's student

"Influence of Chaoborus spp. migration on methane emissions in Quebec lakes" (in French)

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, November 25 - Richard Vogt, postdoctoral fellow

"Investigating community-ecosystem interactions in lakes within a context of environmental change"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Seminars in October 2016

Wednesday, October 12 - Jean-François Lapierre from Université de Montréal

"Bridging local processes and broad-scale patterns in aquatic biogeochemistry: A landscape limnology perspective"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15


Seminars in September 2016

Wednesday, September 7 - Trista Vick-Majors, postdoctoral fellow

"Antarctica: Ecology on Ice"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, September 16 - Nicolas Fortin St-Gelais, doctoral student

"L’écologie fonctionnelle : un outil pour mieux comprendre le rôle du plancton dans les lacs"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, September 30 - Tonya Del Sontro, postdoctoral fellow

"Spatial distribution of surface methane in lakes : Relative importance of physical and biological drivers"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

August 2016 - Thesis defence

Friday, August 19 - Juan Pablo Nino Garcia

"Biogéographie bactérienne des lacs boréaux du Québec: les facteurs régulant la dominance et la rareté microbienne à grande échelle"

UQAM, PK-1140, 10h00

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