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Mission and objectives


Rivers and lakes comprise between 10 to 30% of the territory in the vast northern regions of Québec, yet these ecosystems have been hardly explored, mostly due to their remoteness and inaccessibility.

The mission of the CarBBAS CRSNG / HQ Chair is to expand our basic understanding of the functioning of boreal lakes and rivers in Northern Québec, with a particular emphasis on carbon biogeochemistry. The ultimate aim of the program is to develop the tools to integrate these systems into regional models of C, and to assess how these regional C budgets will be altered under scenarios of climate and environmental change.

The core research program is led by Paul del Giorgio and carried out by a team of research professionals, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate and undergraduate students (see group page for more info). The Chair has also developed a network of interdisciplinary collaborations (see collaborations link) that allow to greatly expand the scope of the research and broaden the range of questions addressed by the group.

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We acknowledge that academia, including our own domain of research, has been marred by longstanding and insidious forms of discrimination, prejudice and bias based on gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, social and cultural background, and others. Such social barriers, which have greatly limited access to academic and scientific training, have blocked the development of professional and research careers for many. The CarBBAS Chair program is not exempt from these issues. We acknowledge that changing this reality requires action from all of us in the group and that we must lead by example to improve our collective awareness of the biases and prejudices that negatively affect our community and colleagues. As a collective, we aim to develop a safe, respectful, non-competitive environment that welcomes and values the talents and contributions of colleagues of all provenance, supporting and encouraging those who have been underprivileged, undervalued or wronged. This supportive environment encourages scientific collegiality, mutual solidarity and shared experiences and it is one where we explicitly do not tolerate any form of harassment, abuse, or discrimination in that we do not keep silent, but take action when they occur. [Last updated: 2020-07-06]

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