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The newly renovated CarBBAS laboratory houses a Q-Sun Xenon Test Chamber (Xe-1-BC, Q-Lab) for conducting dissolved organic carbon (DOC) photosensitivity experiments. There are also 3 fridges, 2 freezers, an incubator, and a wet lab with a fume hood. Of the 2 workstations found here, one is dedicated to a geographic information system (GIS) and the other is for communicating with the remote autonomous buoy and processing the transmitted data.



Paul del Giorgio's laboratory contains a Vacuum Prisma membrane inlet mass spectrometer (MIMS, Pfeiffer) calibrated to measure dissolved oxygen and nitrogen (O2 and N2). This is also where our NANOpure water is made, from the DIamond TOC - UV ultrapure water system (D1197, Barnstead).


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GRIL's molecular biology laboratory has equipment (PCR, gel electrophoresis, band imager, Bio-Rad) to prepare samples for DNA fingerprinting (by DGGE and ARISA), which we use to determine microbial community diversity. There is also a FACSCalibur flow cytometer (Becton Dickinson) for determining the size and abundance of bacteria and phytoplankon cells.


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GRIL's analytical laboratory is where Paul del Giorgio's 3 total organic carbon analysers operate (TOC1010, OI Analytical). There is a gas chromatograph (GC-2014, Shimadzu) specially designed for analysing greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O). For the automated analysis of nitrate, nitrite, total and dissolved nitrogen, we use the Alpkem Flow Solution IV (OI Analytical). This lab also has 2 spectrophotometers (2100 Pro, 3100 Pro, Biochrom), used in protocols for quantifying phosphorus, chlorophyll and turbidity. The spectrofluorometer (RF-5301PC, Shimadzu) measures the fluorescence of water samples at exitation and emission wavelengths between 220nm and 750nm. It is also used as part of a protocol that relies on fluorescence to measure ammonium (NH4) in water. In addition there is a high pressure steam sterilizer (SM300, Yamato) that we use to accelerate the oxidation of water samples with potassium persulfate, the first step in the analysis of phosphorus and nitrogen.



GRIL's filtration laboratory



GRIL's radioactivity laboratory



GRIL's meeting room



CarBBAS lounge



















CarBBAS students' office

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