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For lakes accessible by road, we use a 15' aluminum Triton boat, a 15' Futura Mark III zodiac and a BIC Sports Yak boat..

























... but for lakes that are inaccessible by road, we use a hydro-plane!



The Hydro-Québec pontoon boat is very stable - great for large lakes that can have big waves.



Here is our autonomous buoy, C-BASS (Carbon Biochemistry Autonomous Sampling System)!

The buoy is equipped to measure dissolved carbon dioxide by diffusion (using a GMP343 probe from Vaisala). There is a chain of probes (from PME) to collect data on PAR, dissolved oxygen at 3 depths, temperature at each meter of depth and total depth. The buoy can also measure CDOM and chlorophyll (with a Wetlabs fluorometer) as well as 5 meteorological conditons: wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, relative humidity and precipitation (with a WXT520 from Vaisala). All these data are integrated and saved by a processor and data-logger. The C-BASS, installed on Lac Croche in the Laurentians, took measurements every 10 minutes during the ice-free period in 2011, 2013-2019 and 2021.


A second buoy, constructed in collaboration with the GRIL, was installed on Lac Simoncouche in the Saguenay. It measured the same variables as the C-BASS every 10 minutes during the ice-free period in 2013-2014 and 2016-2019.


portable probes:

EGM -to measure dissolved carbon dioxide

YSI -probes for profiles of dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, conductivity


FlowTracker -probes for stream water velocity


TruTrack -probes for stream water level

ZebraTech -probes for dissolved oxygen and temperature

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