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Seminars in March 2020

Friday, March 6 - Cynthia Soued, doctoral student at UQAM

"Greenhouse gas dynamics in a tropical reservoir: fluxes, sources, and processes"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Tuesday, March 10 - Thomas Mehner, researcher at IGB, Berlin

"Hidden legacy: Rapid contemporary eutrophication of a clear-water lake and consequences for a unique sympatric pair of Coregonus fishes"

UQAM, SB-1115, 14h00

Friday, March 20 - Bruno Cremella, doctoral student at University of Sherbrooke

"Biogeography of lake phytoplankton in North America"

UQAM, Zoom webinar, 12h15

Friday, March 27 - Juan Du, doctoral student at UQAM


Seminars in February 2020

Friday, February 7 - Michaela Ladeira de Melo, postdoc at UQAM

"The ecology of bacterial communities in Amazonian floodplain lakes"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Wednesday, February 12 - Joan Pere Casas Ruiz and Pascal Bodmer, postdocs at UQAM

"Integrating terrestrial and aquatic fluxes to improve the assessment of landscape-atmosphere carbon exchange"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, February 14 - Philippe Le Noac’h, doctoral student at UQAM

"Vertical spatial overlap effects on phytoplankton diversity" (in French)

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, February 28 - Emily Charry Tissier, CEO of Whale Seeker

"The Muddy Waters of Entrepreneurship"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15


Seminars in January 2020

Wednesday, January 8 - Philippe Thomas, biologist at Environment and Climate Change Canada

"Exposure to polycyclic aromatic compounds (PACs) impairs baculum bone health in a semi-aquatic furbearer: the North America River Otter (Lontra canadensis)"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, January 17 - Disney Izquierdo, master's student at UQAM

"Sensitivity comparison between diatoms Phaeodactylum tricornutum and Chaeoceros neogracilis from temperate and Arctic regions to eight pesticides under different light intensities and temperatures"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, January 24 - Pascal Bodmer, postdoctoral fellow at UQAM

"Methane fluxes of vegetated areas in natural freshwater ecosystems"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Thursday, January 30 - Jérôme Comte, biologist at the INRS

"Role of microbial communities in the response of aquatic ecosystems to environmental change"

UQAM, SB-1115, 13h45

Friday, January 31 - Emmanuelle Chrétien, doctoral student at U de M

"Determinants and context dependence of fish habitat selection"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Seminars in December 2019

Wednesday, December 4 - Tristan Juette, Masumi Stadler and Geneviève Lajoie, doctoral students

« L’hypothèse du syndrome de dispersion dans un paysage naturellement fragmenté chez la Souris sylvestre »

« Retracing the fate of terrestrial bacteria along a soil-freshwater-marine continuum » (en anglais)

« Intégrer l'étude des traits fonctionnels végétaux et microbiens pour comprendre l'assemblage des communautés microbiennes de la phyllosphère »

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15, followed by pizza

Friday, December 6 - Gillian Martin, doctoral student

"Using genetics to understand community assembly"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, December 13 - Max Lau, postdoctoral fellow

"The role of oxygen in the carbon cycle"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Seminars in November 2019

Friday, November 1 - Rebecca Garner, doctoral student at Concordia University

"Lake sediment metagenomes as time capsules for preimpact microbiomes"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, November 15 - Mathilde Couturier, postdoctoral fellow

"Carbon patterns and trends in lake surface waters: from 'pristine' to human-impacted lakes"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, November 22 - Eliza Deutsch, postdoctoral fellow at University of Toronto

"Assessing lake water quality in data-poor regions"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, November 29 - Susanne Kraemer, postdoctoral fellow at Concordia University

"A large-scale assessment of lake bacterial communities reveals pervasive impacts of human activities"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Seminars in October 2019

Friday, October 4 - Francis Comte, doctoral student at UQAM (Cassandre Lazar)

"An exploration of microbial community diversity across terrestrial subsurface ecosystems" (in French)

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, October 11 - Andrea Bravo, researcher at the Institut de Ciències del Mar, Barcelona

"Building bridges between biogeochemistry and microbial ecology to understand the fate of pollutants in aquatic ecosystems: the case of mercury"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, October 18 - Bianca Rodríguez-Cardona, doctoral student at the University of New Hampshire

"Carbon and nitrogen coupling in fluvial systems across biomes"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Seminars in September 2019

Friday, September 6 - Anais, Oliva, doctoral student at Université de Sherbrooke

"Assessment of microbial contamination related to waterborne diseases in Canadian lakes using Earth observation indicators"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, September 13 - Alexandrine Pannard, professor at Université de Rennes

"Horizontal fragmentation of water masses with macrophytes in shallow lakes: consequences for water chemistry, plankton communities and overall diversity"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Wednesday, September 18 - Étienne Dambrin, professeur à l'Université Savoie Mont Blanc

"Long-term effects of soil use on forest and aquatic ecosystems"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Wednesday, September 25 - Jennifer Martiny, professor at the University of California, Irvine

"The role of microbial communities in ecosystem responses to environmental change"

UQAM, SH-3620, 12h15


Seminars in May 2019

Wednesday, May 8 - Jan Karlsson, professor at Umea University, Sweden

"Carbon emissions from Siberian inland waters"

UQAM, SB-M220, 12h15

Friday, May 31 - Peter Gilbert, postdoctoral research assistant at the University of the

Highlands and Islands (Scotland)

"From Source to Sea: A snapshot overview of several aquatic carbon studies in the UK"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Seminars in April 2019

Friday, April 5 - Stella Berger and Jens Nejstgaard, group leaders at IGB, Germany

"Novel research tools: ice control in lake enclosures & deep-learning imager reveal fine-scale plankton patterns"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, April 12 - Jean-Christophe Gagnon, master's student at UQAM

"Effect of salinity on freshwater bacteria and characterization of microbial communities in a deep hypersaline aquifer system"

Candice Aulard, master's student at UQAM

"Potential of qPCR approaches in reconstructing past dynamics of phytoplankton communities in lakes from sedimentary DNA"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, April 26 - Vincent Fugère, postdoctoral fellow at UQAM

"Impacts of pesticide and acid pollution on experimental plankton communities: evolutionary rescue or biodiversity loss?"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Seminars in March 2019

Friday, March 1 - Stéphanie Guernon, masters student

"The role of dissolved organic carbon and zooplankton community composition on methylmercury bioaccumulation in western arctic lakes"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, March 8 - Yves Prairie, professor at UQAM

"The interactions between eutrophication, damming and climate change on the role of inland aquatic systems in the global carbon cycle"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Friday, March 22 - Joan Pere Casas Ruiz, postdoctoral fellow

"On the inner and outer limits of organic matter degradation in aquatic ecosystems"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

Wednesday, March 27 - Brett Baker, professor at the University of Texas

"Exploring new branches on the tree of life"

UQAM, SB-1115, 12h15

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